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5 Popular Smart Watches & Fitness Brands You Need To Buy In 2018 / 2019

Smart Watches are the new cool today and if you still don’t own one yet, this article is meant for you. How important fitness it for us today! And the technology just keeps adding for the good. Before this fit bit trend, one would have never thought that there would be watching that can track all your activities including your heart rate, calories burnt, steps walked etc.

but this is all possible now with these fitness tracking watches. It doesn’t matter if you are a fitness freak or an athlete or a normal person, this device is a must-have!

1. Bingo C6:

Price: 1,249

The Bingo C6 is an all and all deal. It is a multi-function power-packed tiny smartwatch. Bingo C6 comes with a 1.3-inch full disc screen in size with captative touch. Also, it has a NANO Toughened Glass Screen (makes it safer and dust free), and having an MTK2502C processor with Watch casing of stainless steel and a band made of TPU material. Bingo C6 can be connected with the Bluetooth mode as well as with a SIM card. The watch can be compatible with Smart Phones operated by Android & IOS phones. Other features of the smartwatch are calls, contacts, Bluetooth camera, pedometer, sedentary reminder, app download, notifications, camera, video camera, video player, alarm, calculator, stopwatch, thermometer, motion sensor, and UV intensity measurement.

The watch beautifully takes care of your health requirements. By using the pedometer and sleep monitoring to regulate your health accordingly as per the device notifications. Get notified with your Smart Phone notifications on wrist SmartWatch and don’t ever miss your important events. Bingo C6 can give you up to 3 hours of talk time and 180 hours of standby time.

2. Bingo U8

Price: 599

The Bingo U8 Smartwatch is just the right mix of all the features to make your daily activities just as effortless and simple as you wanted. There’s no point in wearing two gadgets when you can wear one and get it done at once! Ditch your fitness band and watch for this Bingo U8 Fitness smartwatch.

Get this one for yourself and manage your calls, texts and keep track of your fitness right from your wrist. This smartwatch also boasts of great looks and brilliant performance. By using Snapdeal coupons one can get this amazing Bingo U8 in merely 599 INR. This trendy smartwatch is available at an unbelievable price of less than 1000 and is an all and all deal for anyone who wants a smartwatch in his hand.

3. Bingo T50 Gold

Price: 898

Bingo T50 SmartWatch has a Rectangle Shape Touchscreen Dial display pattern having a resolution of 240*240 pixels with the strap having black color with weight weighing 75 gm. It supports a Bluetooth version of 3.0 and allows incoming calls on its SIM itself. The processor chipset is MTK6260, and the connector is a USB cable. It works on two different modes namely Bluetooth and SIM enabling. By using the Bluetooth mode one can make calls, disconnect calls, send and receive messages and receive notifications on the screen too and by SIM enabling you can directly insert SIM card to the slot and operate it just like your normal phone.

It has various features such as Bluetooth Music Player, Sleep Monitor, Anti- Lost Function and Pedometer. The sleep monitor can help you track your sleeping hours. The Bluetooth music player is one of the most amazing features of this smartwatch through which one can play music remotely. How convenient is it to reach down through your wrist and skip sings, play music and control the volume.

The anti-lost function connected via Bluetooth with your smartphones can work on its intelligent feature and connects the watch and the moment your phone and the watch exceeds 10 meters the alarm starts buzzing. Interesting isn’t it? Lastly, the Pedometer tracks distance and calories and acts like a routine exercise tracker. The watch can track each step you take by detecting a motion of a person’s hands and hips. Can this get any better?

4. Bingo M2 Fitness Gadget with Heart Rate Monitor

Price: 799

Bingo M2 Water Proof Fitness Band is compatible with Bluetooth and has a Heart Rate Sensor. It is compatible with devices having Bluetooth version 4.0 and below in smartphones, tablets and PCs and also supports Android and iOS. For a balanced and healthy lifestyle, you need to work out, get enough sleep and eat healthily. You also need to monitor all of these. That’s why you need the Bingo M2 Smart Band. With this on your wrist, you can keep track of the calories you burn, your heart rate, and sleep cycle.

Also, this fitness smartwatch comes with many interesting features through which you can get into shape and take care of your health too. How important is it for us to have a healthy sleep cycle for a healthy life! And this watch helps you to maintain this integral part of your lives. It is helpful in managing your everyday routine life. You can buy this Bingo M2 waterproof heart monitoring fitness smart band at an unbelievable price of less than Rs 1,000. The best part of Bingo fitness watch it is unimaginably affordable and pocket-friendly because why should few have all the fun!

5. ROOQ DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch:

Price: 799

The ROOQ DZ09 Bluetooth smartwatch comes with a beautiful rectangular dial. Its main features include SIM phone call. You can dial or answer a phone call from your wristwatch and effortlessly send and receive messages anytime anywhere. It comes with a 0.3 Megapixel camera. It has a 1.56 inch TFT HD LCD touchscreen, sleep monitoring, a pedometer to record the steps you take and count the distance.

It has a sedentary reminder and an anti-lost / finding phone feature. When the Bluetooth is disconnected or the phone is out of the Bluetooth distance, the watch will alert. Other functions of the ROOQ DZ09 smartwatch include sound recorder, calendar, alarm, and calculator. It comes with a stainless steel watch case with an amazing durability and wonderful tactile sensation and glossiness. The super soft rubber band adopts high-quality rubber material which is extremely comfortable to wear.

Smart watches are a sheer example of how far the technology has reached. Investing in technology is never a waste and getting these devices will always prove helpful to everyone. These devices are just so sleek and easy to carry that you would never mind always having it by your side. If you have a cent percent of the doubt before purchasing these products, trust me here that these products are impeccably helpful and a one time deal and anyway it is high time for every one of us to use technology at its best and get the most of what we can!

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