Best Budget Wireless Earphones Of 2019 (For 2020)

In today’s world earphone is must needed gadget accessory.If you have phone or laptop , you ant to listen music , watching Web series / Movies on Netflix , Amazon Prime Or Hotstar only thing you require is good quality earphone

Here comes the era of wireless devices and you need wireless earphones for calls and music at workplace , on the go and while workout.We are going to discuss budget as well as overall best wireless earphone today in this article.

Mivi ThunderBeats Wireless Earphones

As the name suggests this earphone is for bass centric people , people who love loud music. Although the low sound music also performs well in this earphone. It has mic to receive calls. I personally use this ear phone for music. For conference and business calls these wireless earphones with call facility is heaven.

The earphone comes with 8 hrs of battery life on one charge & 30 feet Bluetooth range with Bluetooth 5.0 Support.

Cons : feels Bulky on ear. Your ear will feel tired and pain after hearing one hour of loud music.

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones

Next in line is MI Sport Bluetooth earphone , this earphone also comes with good music quality with loud Bass. This earphone feels lite on ear compare to Mivi thunderbeats.Even after long music hearing your ear will not feel pain.

Mivi Collar Wireless Earphones

Mivi Caller comes with neckband for better grip and better for calling purpose. Sound quality is good but not as good as thunderbeats. You will enjoy the music even in this earphone but if you are a bass lover surely go for thunderbeats or MI Bluetooth earphone.

Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones

MI Necakband is quite similar to MI Sports Bluetooth earphone with 100 Rs Difference and comes with neckband for better grip.The sound is good in this earphone too.As a MI Happy Customer I feel MI products always comes with good quality features at good reasonable cost.

Boat Rockerz 255 (Discount DEAL)

Another big competition in this segment is Boat Rockerz 255. It comes with quite Good music experience both high and low sound. But at the loud sound you will feel messy vocals.The noise cancellation is good.This earphone currently selling with discount in Myntra End Of Reason Sale at RS 899

Overall in my personal opinion MI Bluetooth and Mivi Thunderbeats does well in sound and Bass department. Mivi Collar And Mi Neckband Comes with good calling experience , better build quality and grip.

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