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Facebook data leak scandal reaches India from US

Facebook data leak scandal reches india all the way from US.Now it become tranding subject for indian politics.One of the major political parties in indian politics try to encash the topic and uses it to gain their popularity amongs the public.

Unioun ministor of Electronics and Information Technology said that if needed India will summon Mark Zuckerberg al the way to India for any clarification regarding this issue.

Meanwhile Mark Zuckerberg said a word of sorry regarding this issue on behalf of Facebook.He confirms the data leaks.

Firstly news came that facebook user’s data leaked and used in US Precidential election.

After that this data leak chapter hits the India and now the news is that “One Political Party Uses Facebook Data During Elections”.

After all this things a question arises that “How safe our data in social networking like Facebook.”

After this incident users are deleting their facebook accounts.

But  for how much time users can live without Facebook/Social Networks.

Social network is part of our life now a days , one csn not live without it in this smartphone era.

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