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Google Chrome gets a big redesign with material design theme and new features for its 10th birthday

Today is Google Chrome’s  birthday.Google’s popular browser Chrome turns 10.

On it’s 10th birthday google chrome gets major redesign in the form of Material Design implementation.

The new design includes rounded shapes and tabs, a fresh color palette, and updated icons.


The redesign is not only to web browser but the all major platforms including Android & iOS.

New feature list is as below: 

  • New Material Design Theme

  • Better auto-fill passwords

  • New and better password management

  • Speaking of passwords, Chrome can now auto-generate a strong password that will be linked to your Google account.
  • The search bar officially  the Omnibox – can now show you more information without needing to open a new tab.
  • Search for a specific tab within the Omnibox, useful for when you’re inundated with tabs too small to read.
  • You’ll soon be able to search through your Google Drive right from the search bar.
  • You can now create shortcuts for your favourite sites on the new tab page, as well as set a background image.


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