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Google is shutting down ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app by March 2019

Google has decided to shut down its ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app by March 2019, though users will have until March to switch over to Gmail.

Google did release a Support Guide so that users of Inbox can make the transition to Gmail.

Inbox by Gmail was an app created in 2014, app features many customisation beneficial to users.

When this app has launched Gmail app or desktop experience comes with limited options.

But now after introducing new material design and features in Gmail Desktop and app , Inbox app is not as relavemnt as it was at the time of launch.

Also the Inbox app was not a good success for Google.
Shutdown news was officially Confirmed by Google On Twitter.

Below is guideline given by Google to shift/Migrate from Inbox to Gmail.

Use Inbox features in Gmail

Some of Inbox’s popular features have been added to Gmail. 

  • Snooze emails: Postpone emails to a future date or time that’s more convenient for you. Learn how to snooze emails in Gmail.
  • Follow-ups (nudges): Gmail occasionally moves old emails to the top of your inbox with a suggestion to reply or follow up. Learn how to show or hide these nudges to follow up.
  • Hover actions: On your computer, you can point to emails in your inbox and quickly take action, like archiving or marking as read, without opening the email.
  • Smart Reply: Quickly reply to an email using suggested phrases that appear based on the email you received. Learn how to use Smart Reply.


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