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How to Install Firefox Developer Edition Browser on Ubuntu Linux

Different Web Developers uses different Web browser for development of frontend and dynamic part like JavaScript debugging etc. One of the popular browser among these is Firefox. In older days developers use firebug plugin for above listed works , but now firebug project is closed but Mozila comes with Developer Edition of Firefox. As many developer uses Linux for their development work and the most popular Linux among developer is Ubuntu.

Today we learn how to install Firefox developer Edition in Ubuntu.

First Step for that is to download Firefox Developer Edition Latest Tar Source File From Here.

Than open terminal Ctrl+Alt+T and follow the command listed below

Go to the folder/directory where source is downloaded

cd ~/Downloads

Un-tar (extract) file , then don’t forget to delete tar file

sudo tar xjf firefox-71.0b12.tar.bz2 , You can do it manually by right clicking on tar file than extract.

sudo rm -rf firefox-71.0b12.tar.bz2 (Use For Delete)

Move the folder to it’s final destination in /opt/ or /usr/local/ (It is good practice to install in /opt/ or /usr/local/ why ?)

sudo mv -r firefox-71.0b12/firefox /opt/firefox_dev OR sudo mv -r firefox-71.0b12 /usr/local/firefox_dev (For Convenience I change the folder name to firefox_dev )

Create the following file ~/.local/share/applications/firefox_dev.desktop to make shortcut in launcher and this will be distinct from regular firefox which comes by default in Ubuntu

sudo nano ~/.local/share/applications/firefox_dev.desktop

Copy following lines in nano editor opens

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Firefox Developer 
GenericName=Firefox Developer Edition
Exec=/opt/firefox_dev/firefox %u
Comment=Firefox Developer Edition Web Browser.

Save the file using Ctrl+O than Enter When prompted. After saving close the file using Ctrl+X

Make the file executable using following command

chmod +x ~/.local/share/applications/firefox_dev.desktop

Now search for firefox in Ubuntu launcher , open the Firefox Developer Edition by clicking blue color Firefox icon.

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