How To Recognise A Pill Using The Pill Identifier Pro And Drug Info Android App?


Ever wondered how do doctors and pharmacists never get confused while prescribing medicines or pills which almost look alike? Ever wondered how healthcare professionals just recognize the components and imprint of a pill on the basis of its color, shape, and structure? These healthcare professionals have years of experience and have studied a lot to come at this point. Do you know that you can too become and act as a professional by identifying anonymous pills just on the basis of their color, structure or tell its use on the basis of its brand?

Pill identifier pro and drug info application is an amazing application present online on numerous application stores across the internet which helps you become an expert and identify a certain type of medicine. This Pill Identifier application works on simple algorithms and has a very friendly user interface which can be used by people of almost all age groups. Identifying any loose pill or medicine is a lot easier with the help of this application.

How to use this application to recognize a pill?

  • Download the pill identifier pro and drug info application from leading application stores. Install and open the application.
  • A user-friendly interface will pop-up which has numerous features like Pill identifier, Drug search, my meds, nearby, blood pressure, BMI calculator, pulse rate, disease search, and drug recall. The application interface is quite friendly therefore the user would not face any problem in accessing it.
  • In order to identify a pill, click on the pill identifier tab. Enter the basic details like name, imprint, shape, and color. After entering the basic information, click on the search tab. The desired result about the pill will popup according to the users need. The pill identified by the pill identifier tool are all powered by FDA.

How to use this application to search for a particular drug

  • Click on the drug search option in the application. Enter the generic name or the brand name in order to get information. After entering the desired details click on search button.
  • The desired result will pop up within a fraction of seconds which provides several helpful information like description, adverse reaction, dosage and administration, drug interaction, general precaution, geriatric use, indication and usage, information for patients, pregnancy, boxed warning, overdosage and several other tips and remedies helpful for users health. The drug details results are also powered by FDA.
  • This application also facilitates the users to save the details about any pill under the option of “my meds” so that users can go through its details before consuming or buying it. This application is quite useful when different types of medicines or pills of different family members mix up. This application easily helps identify the prescribed pill in order to avoid any future complication.
Pill Identifier Pro and Drug Info
Pill Identifier Pro and Drug Info
  • Pill Identifier Pro and Drug Info Screenshot
  • Pill Identifier Pro and Drug Info Screenshot

Overall this application is quite beneficial for identifying anonymous pills and medicines. This platform holds many amazing features too like BMI calculator, Pulse rate checker and even helps patients locate nearest clinics.

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