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Linux 5.0 Released By Linus Torvalds

Linux Kernel 5.0 Finally Released By Linus Torvalds (The Founder Itself)

This is the version all were waiting since long.First release candidate of Linux 5.0 launched earlier this January.

The previous 4.x series featured most Linux Distributions & Android Devices currently.

Linux 5.0 kernel introduces some interesting features for desktop users of Linux distributions as well as Android phones.

  • Support FreeSync the open source graphics driver AMDGPU
  • Improved AMD CPU microcode handling.
  • Support SWAP files for the Btrfs Linux file system
  • New “energy-aware scheduling” feature that leads to improved power management
  • Raspberry Pi Touchscreen is now supported by the mainline kernel.
  • Updates to the Andes NDS32 CPU architecture.
  • New Intel Stratix 10 FPGA drivers.
  • Adiantum data encryption support.
  • Logitech high resolution scrolling support.
  • ASpeed video engine support
  • Support for a new VegaM and other new Vega IDs.

You can now download the latest Linux kernel 5.0 from  official source at

Reports also suggests that, Ubuntu 19.04 might come with the latest Linux Kernel 5.0.

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