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Linux Kernel 4.19 Released : New Features & Updates

New Long Term Support (LTS) Linux kernel (4.19) released .

The 4.19 release announcement is a bit lot longer than we are used to.

Linux 4.19 kernel is an LTS (Long Term Support) release and will get updates for the next 6 years.

It joins five other concurrent LTS kernel releases, including Linux 4.14, Linux 4.9, and Linux 3.16.

This is a big release with more changes than the past three kernels.

You can read release note in the official post here.

Also you can get the Linux Kernel 4.19 from

Here we are going to list the changes brings to you by Linux kernel 4.19

  • Adds an alternate mode driver for USB Type-C/DisplayPort Type-C support.
  • Better support for Intel’s Low Power Subsystem (LPSS)
  • General touchscreen improvements
  • Initial support for the 802.11ax WLAN
  • Support for Qualcomm Adreno 600 series hardware
  • Armada atomic mode-setting
  • Initial support for Intel Icelake graphics
  • Ongoing DRM improvements
  • Filesystem improvements

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