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Logic Behind Ubuntu Code Names , Naming Convention Explained For One Of The Most Popular Linux Distribution

Almost every Ubuntu user have a question about the the code name given by Ubuntu with every version they launch.

There is no doubt that Ubuntu is the one of the most popular Linux Distribution system (Operating System).

Canonical launch two version of the this Linux Distro every year (In April & October) & LTS (Long-Term-Support) version in every two year.An Ubuntu release has version number in the format of YY.MM , Where the YY is the year of the release and MM is the month of the release.

So far, there has only been one exception to the Ubuntu releases in the past 11 years.Ubuntu 6.04 was delayed for two months and this is t why it was named as Ubuntu 6.06, instead of the 6.04 as standard naming convention as per release cycle of Ubuntu.

Every version of Ubuntu Linux Comes With Unique & Interesting Code Name (For Example Ubuntu 19.04 will have code name Disco Dingo).

Now everyone wonders why & from where this names comes from , also these code names has any naming convention to be followed By the Foundation.

Here we are going to explain the logic behind every Ubuntu version’s Code name & Naming convention that is followed.

First thing to notice in Ubuntu Code name is that they have two word names where starting Letter of both the words are same (For example, Ubuntu 19.04 will be called Disco Dingo where both first letters of the two words starting with a D).

Ubuntu Version’s code names are made of two words, first being an adjective and the second one is an animal name with the same first letter.

In the example given of Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo , First word Disco is a adjective & Second word Dingo is an Animal name (Here the meaning of Dingo is Dog)

Another interesting fact to notice is that these code names here are incremented alphabetically in each release.

LIst Of Ubuntu Release With Code Name & Release Date As Followed

Ubuntu VersionCode NameRelease Date
4.10Warty Warthog2004-10-20
5.04Hoary Hedgehog2005-04-08
5.10Breezy Badger2005-10-13
6.06 LTSDapper Drake2006-06-01
6.10Edgy Eft2006-10-26
7.04Feisty Fawn2007-04-19
7.10Gutsy Gibbon2007-10-18
8.04 LTSHardy Heron2008-04-24
8.10Intrepid Ibex2008-10-30
9.04Jaunty Jackalope2009-04-23
9.10Karmic Koala2009-10-29
10.04 LTSLucid Lynx2010-04-29
10.10Maverick Meerkat2010-10-10
11.04Natty Narwhal2011-04-28
11.10Oneiric Ocelot2011-10-13
12.04 LTSPrecise Pangolin2012-04-26
12.10Quantal Quetzal2012-10-18
13.04Raring Ringtail2013-04-25
13.10Saucy Salamander2013-10-17
14.04 LTSTrusty Tahr2014-04-17
14.10Utopic Unicorn2014-10-23
15.04Vivid Vervet2015-04-23
15.10Wily Werewolf2015-10-22
16.04 LTSXenial Xerus2016-04-21
16.10Yakkety Yak2016-10-13
17.04Zesty Zapus2017-04-13
17.10Artful Aardvark2017-10-19
18.04 LTSBionic Beaver2018-04-26
18.10Cosmic Cuttlefish2018-10-18
19.04Disco Dingo2019-04-18

So Now i think every doubt in Ubuntu Code Name  is Clear Now.

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