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Solus 4 Fortitude Linux Distro Released : Top Feature Of This Major Release

Solus 4 Fortitude Officially Released With Updated New Budgie Desktop.

This major release delivers a brand new GTK-based Budgie desktop experience, updated sets of default applications , theming, Firefox 65, LibreOffice 6.2, the Linux 4.20.16 kernel, GNOME MPV 0.16, and Mesa 19.0. 

New to the Budgie Desktop is a “Caffeine Mode”.

This ensures the system doesn’t lock/suspend and other minor tweaks that enhance the experience for people called “hard at work” and trying not to be interrupted. 

Budgie 10.5 also brings an updated icon task-list applet.

Important Feature List :

  • Hardware and Kernel Enablement

  • Linux kernel 4.20.16
  • Firefox 65.0.1

  • LibreOffice
  • Rhythmbox 3.4.3 with the latest release of the Alternate Toolbar extension
  • Touchpad support for the Lenovo IdeaPad 130-15IKB and 330-15ARR.
  •  OpenGL 4.5 API support 
  • Thunderbird 60.5.2
  • Support for newer AMD Polaris, Vega10, Vega20, and VegaM cards.
  • Caffeine Mode

  • Caffeine Mode supports:

    • Notifications when it is turned on or off
    • Setting a timer to automatically turn off Caffeine Mode
    • Turning up your display brightness to max or a designated brightness level

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