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The best MP3 players of 2018

Back in the start of 2000s, iPod did something amazing, it changed the way we listened to the music. Although it would interest you to know that iPod was not the first MP3 player. It was not even close, but it was a trendsetter.

We have come a long way since then. There are some high quality devices out there.

However, it may be worth mentioning that the rise of smartphones has hit the MP3 players market badly. But there are some loyal users who refuse to let it go and smartphones don’t always have the best sound quality. Do you own an MP3 player? – Let us know in the comment section below.

Now let’s get cracking at the best MP3 players of 2018.

Astell & Kern AK Jr.

It sounds like a clothing brand or a law firm. But it is exceptionally good MP3 player. Some say it is the best in the world. It is quite powerful, very trendy and produced great quality resolution of audio.

However, it is quite expensive at $300. But you know you will be getting your money worth. The device has a touch screen aluminum and the battery lasts for eight hours. There is not much that can go wrong with Astell & Kern AK Jr.

Sandisk Clip Sport


Sandisk Clip Sport is arguably the best fitness MP3 players out there. It is extremely lightweight, outstanding battery, decent storage capacity and it is optimized for exercising.

Using smartphone while exercising is a hassle that can be easily avoided. If you are running the phone bounces in your pocket. That is why Sandisk Clip Sport was designed. The MP3 player is reasonably priced at $50. And it has a whopping 25 hours battery time.

iPod Touch

If you are an Apple fan then you cannot be persuaded to try something else. iPod Touch is an outstanding device, a leader in the market and a very sleek unit. It can store up to 128GBs internally so it will take care of all your music needs.


With the rise in iPhone, Apple doesn’t roll out iPods every year but they have created enough devices to keep our interest. And we must also not forget that iPod is the device that reinvented the way we listen to music. It is a solid device that will cost you anywhere between $150 – $280, depending upon the country and the package deals.

Activo CT10

Activo CT10 is probably the best option in our list – I dare say. It is a very high quality sound producer with an affordable pricing. It has a great 3.4-inch touchscreen and a 16GB storage capacity with an option of SD card.


It is feature packed, elegantly designed with decent battery. But the main thing is the sound quality – we are really impressed by the sound resolution of Activo CT10. It will cost you around $280.

LG G7 Thinq


If any tech manufacturer has come a long way it is LG. Almost all their products are refined, good quality and ready to challenge the status-quo. Just like that G7 Thinq is not different. It is a loud MP3 player with great audio quality.

The MP3 player supports DTS.X 3D surround sound and so many features that it is hard to list them all down in this short article. It is priced at $749.

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