Guide to Make Effective Animation
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The Step-By-Step Guide to Make Effective Animation

Animated videos have gone too far from being a source of entertainment. From depicting the fiction world and changing the real-life elements into colorful objects of an animated story, to being a source of information in the world of digital marketing.

To being able to produce effective animation, it is important to know the right set of instructions and command. You must know what procedures are followed and how to add appeal in the video. There are several types involved in animation, and it is imperative to know each one of them. So, without further ado let’s begin the guide to create captivating animated videos.


The most important part before starting an animated video is to define the goals and objective of the video. You must know what purpose is it going to serve and how is it going to appeal the viewers. Is it only for spreading brand awareness or you want to make revenues out of it? You must know the reason for making a video so that you can compare and analyze in the end that whether you have achieved your desired output or not.


The second comes the content. The content present inside the video is called scriptwriting. You need to either get in touch with a video animations company London to receive a compelling script or compose it on your own. You need to get in touch with the professionals and ask them to create an interesting script for the video. If you are making it on your own its good to make sure that you have quoted the most common issue your customers are facing and then have introduced your product as the ultimate solution.

In case if you are defining the procedure of a certain product, it’s good to add information in small steps and break the jargons using simple to understand terminologies. Not every single person in your customer group would be highly qualified. Therefore, write content using easy languages and keep the tone friendly.


Once you are done with your script it’s time to create the storyboard but before that choose your animation type. You can get your video created using whiteboard animation, 2D or 3D animation or even the famous video scribing. In all of these types, the animator has to follow certain rules and procedures. For instance, if you have selected the 2D video type you do not need to divide your story into the different framework as the angle remains the same.

When making the storyboard make sure that you draw each figure, angle or corner perfectly. You have to use procedures that are well defined and precise. The storyboard must have the true depiction of the plot. As it is the final piece that gets illustrated and further added with motion graphics, so it needs to be perfect and flawless.


After storyboard creation, comes illustration where the entire story is transferred into digital software and the characters appear in the form of static animation. The best in class tools and software are used and every spot of details are added into the character and in the scene. From wrinkles to postures, gestures to overall outlook, you need to keep everything aligned properly or get in touch with the video animations company London. Put your creation in the frame of realism to make sure your output is appealing and captivating.


The last step involves adding motion in your static pictures and storyboard. You have to add movement to your creation. You can add suitable colors and effects. From adding compelling backgrounds to interactive effects, you have to make sure that your creation shows smooth and proper movements.

The transition of characters and appearance are all involved in animation. You have to keep a proper time between the different frames. Even a slight delay can cause a lot of problems. Your animation must be smooth and flawless.

Wrapping Up

Follow the instructions carefully and make sure that you keep your animation detailed and captivating. Your work should have a touch of perfection and appeal in it. It should be targeted to the needs of your customers.

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