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Things that are expected to Launch on Pixel 3 Event By Google , Watch the Google Pixel 3 Live event On Official Google YouTube Channel

Google’s mega event of Launching multiple tech gadgets including the most awaited Pixel 3 Lineup Phones (Pixel3 Pixel3 XL) is going to happen on October 9 , 2018.

In past several days almost every other day leaks are coming which indicates the features of the Google Pixel 3 phone lineup.Now we know almost every features of Pixel 3 Phones & some other products that may be launch on October 9 Google event.

Here we list and give some description of the Products that are going t be launched on the Google Pixel Event.

Also You can watch The Google Pixel Event Live On Google’s MadeByGoogle Youtube page as below.


1. Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

First launch on the event as we all know will be the Google Pixel 3 Phones.

Also we know some of the key features as we get leaks almost every day.

Pixel3 Phones will come with latest trend of low bezel less and larger screens with notch (NOtch is expected to come on only Pixel 3 XL).

Phones may have Wireless charger support and Dual selfie camera .

Also we can expect some software magic with AI as google does last year.

2. New & Updated Chromecast

Most popular product after Pixel phones of Google is Chromecast. We get multiple leaks over the last few days.New  & Updated Chromecast will be launch on the event. As one Of the leaks suggest that Chromecast Plus Google Home Combo will be available.

3. Pixel Wireless Charging Stand

As pixel phones may comes with wireless charging support , Google may come with Wireless charging stand.

4. Pixel Slate tablet

The past few months have seen more and more rumors around a possible Google-branded Chrome OS tablet.Google may launch this Pixel Slate Tablet n the event.

5. Google Home Hub

Google may come up with Ai based smart display with Google Assistant.

6. Pixelbook 2

Pixelbook will also get update with New Pixelbook 2 that may be unveiled on the Google vent.

7. New & Updated Pixel Buds

Pixel buds may also get update & will be launched with and update.

8. Pixel smartwatch

Google is likely to launch the It’s Smart Watch series with new Pixel Smartwatches with Android Wear.

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