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This Business Card Also Runs Linux Costs Approx $3

Till now you may seen the things running the Linux , like Super computers , robots, machinery & space equipment etc…. But today we are going to discuss the smallest thing running Linux (A Business card of a person).

An Embedded System Engineer named George Hilliard created his Business card which runs Linux while plugging it to computers.It said to be taking 6 second to load Linux after plugging the card to computer device (Till you blink your eyes one or two times , may be).

George Hilliard claimed that the one single card cost him approx $2.88 (Material cost only , his R&D time/money not included).

This card is actually a USB flash drive from which Linux is loaded , It also contains a copy of George’s CV (Resume), and some photography.

It also has some games, a few utilities, and some free space for recipient need/want (To save something to the card).

For more detail about this card go to George Hilliard‘s article here.

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