Top 10 best android games for 2019


Being able to play on Android is good, but being able to play for free is better! The Play Store is full of games of all kinds and we have made a list (subjective) of our best free games. At your downloads, ready to go!

Selection of the best free android games

Happy Wheels – 

Do you feel like racing and are you looking for something new? Then you should definitely try this game!

It can be said that Happy Wheels has created history thanks to Jim Bonacci, creator of this game, with a pretty macabre idea.

You must travel a circuit in two dimensions up to different vehicles, such as cycling, Segway or wheelchair while dodging multiple traps that will hinder your arrival to the finish line.

Be careful with the movements you make or soon you will lose body parts and the butchery will begin.

The most popular of Happy Wheels is that users can design their own levels and can be played by other people, which increases the number of playable levels so that the game does not really have an end.

Awesome truth? Download Happy Wheels Android Game APK from website for free.

Sword of Xolan – 

Sword of Xolan is a game in which you will find swords and witches, all in beautiful graphics and a thoughtful touch control system. The scenario is perhaps a little simplistic since it is the umpteenth time of a hero who seeks to save the world by doing justice himself, but the game does not lack depth so far.

You control Xolan and his sword must do jumps and other types of activities that will delight players who have experienced the 90s. We can make an old school game without it being bad, one of the characteristics of Sword of Xolan is the diversity that can be found on enemies. Of course, you’ll also find bosses who are bigger, meaner and more difficult to fight than other enemies of the game.

  • Version tested: 1.0.10

  • Size of the file: 70.78 MB

  • Compatibility: Android 2.3 and up

  • Economic model: Free with ads, $ 0.99 to remove ads


The younger gamers of us have undoubtedly spent hours and hours playing Doom, the pioneer of first-person shooters. Freedom will strongly remind you of this game, with some differences so you do not have any copyright issues.

You play at Freedom as you play at Doom, the differences, however notable they are, will not bother you. You always fight horrible creatures in a lost territory and, good news, you dive into the atmosphere of Doom.

  • Version tested: 0.2.5

  • Size of the file: 40.85 MB

  • Compatibility: Android 5.0 and up

  • Economic model: Free


Sneak In

Sneak In is a puzzle game in which you have to shoot colored balls, the goal being to get a group of 3. When that happens, they disappear. This game is fun and varied enough since it offers 200 levels, competition enthusiasts will also appreciate the rankings that are updated each week so that everyone can have a chance. Sneak In does not contain commercials and can be played offline, two particularly rare features on smartphones.

You will find this app on the Play Store.

  • Version tested: The new path

  • Size of the file: 26,10 Mo

  • Compatibility: from Android 4.3

  • Economic model: free

PUBG Mobile

The mobile version of PUBG is incredibly faithful to the gameplay found on the famous PC and Xbox version. 100 players in the parachute over an island, weapons and a struggle for survival. It must be recognized that the controls sometimes lack accuracy when compared with a PC or Xbox but you only play against players using a mobile so they have the same handicap. The graphics are simply excellent and, for the moment, PUBG is free (but I would not be surprised to see in-app purchases or advertising once the number of users is sufficient).

  • Version tested: 0.3.3

  • Size of the file: 778 Mo

  • Compatibility: Android 4.3+

  • Economic model: free

Developer: Tencent Games
Price: Free+
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot
  • PUBG MOBILE Screenshot

Shadowgun Legends

Do you like shooting games but the royal battle type is not your genre? No problem, Shadowngun Legends might be what you need. We are in a universe under the sign of science fiction, in a futile environment that seems clearly inspired by games such as Destiny and Halo. It’s a first-person game, so we’re in direct control.

You play an intergalactic mercenary, a “Shadowgun”, who takes part in missions against aliens or other mercenaries to earn money and rewards. The game offers many weapons and armor to customise your Shadowgun, as well as different game modes.

  • Version tested: 0.4.3

  • Size of the file: 843 Mo

  • Compatibility: Android 6.0+

  • Business model: in-app purchases

Shadow Fight 3

A fighting game in which two fights clash. This is a style that is far from new, yet Shadow Fight still stands out as one of the best series of its kind on mobile. This new iteration of the game shows a little more light, beautiful graphics and a nice variety of fighting style, armour, and weapons to help your fighter to defeat his enemies.

Do not expect to win by pressing any button to create figures, you will need to know a minimum what you do and especially good timing to win, especially if you decide to avoid in-app purchases.

  • Version tested: 5.2.3

  • Size of the file: 551 Mo

  • Compatibility: Android 4.1+

  • Economical model: in-app purchases

Pixel Dungeon

The Pixel Dungen titles have rather primitive graphics but excellent game play that pushes the player to restart his game, which seems annoying at first glance but we quickly get used to this system. The basic Pixel Dungeon offers different classes of people that can be unlocked, as well as many elements to better appreciate the game. You can also find other versions such as Shattered Pixel Dungeon, Pixel Dungeon Unleashed etc.

  • Version tested: 1.9.2a

  • Size of the file: 9.61 MB

  • Compatibility: Android 2.3+

  • Business model: in-app purchases

Lineage II: Revolution

Lineage II: Revolution is an MMORPG reminiscent of games like World of Warcraft. Visually successful, displaying many details, it offers a wide world under the sign of heroic fantasy. It’s up to you to explore it and go into battle with a hundred fighters, whether on a battlefield or to defend a fortress.

As this is an MMO, the social aspect is very important. You can join clans and fight with your friends against your rivals. You can also choose from many classes and races of characters: become a human warrior, a mystic elf etc.

The game is quite new, so you can become powerful, or even faction leader before other players come to bother you.

  • Version tested: 1.00.06

  • Size of the file: 216 MB

  • Compatibility: Android 4.4+

  • Business model: in-app purchases

What free games would you recommend? Then let me know on comment.

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