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Ubuntu 19.04 Beta is Now Available to Download : Features & Final(Stable) Release Date

Ubuntu 19.04 Beta is Released And Now Available to Download And Explore.

The public Beta version for Next Version Of Ubuntu (One Of The Popular Linux Distro)Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo is Now Available To Download.

Earlier Ubuntu 18.10 was released and now it’s time to start looking for the upcoming Ubuntu 19.04 , the version name Called Disco Dingo. The Version Name “Disco Dingo” derived as a part of Ubuntu version Naming convention , which is made in combination of two words. (For Detailed Article On Ubuntu Version Naming System or Convention Click Here)

Ubuntu 19.04 ISO is 2.1GB and by this size it looks like heavy duty version.

We don’t recognize heavy feature change from it’s last version Ubuntu 18.10.

Some of feature that are already we seen in 18.10 like default Yaru theme is present in 19.04.

Following Are List Of Feature On Offer BY Ubuntu 19.4 (Also Some missing features Listed)

  • GNOME 3.32 default desktop environment
  • Some Features inherited From GNOME 3.32

    • Android like application permission control
    • Folders on desktop
    • Granular control on the night light
    • Sound settings revamped
  • Latest Linux Kernel 5.0
  • No Android integration coming to Ubuntu 19.04 (Which is required these days)
  • A new desktop icons extension comes pre-enabled by default to replace the functionality Nautilus lost
  • Mesa 19.0 available
  • Default Yaru theme Now supports more applications
  • New Desktop Icons extension
  • Updated apps
  • Drag and drop files from the desktop to an app is missing

Download :

You can download the Ubuntu 19.04 beta ISO from the official Ubuntu release server (Click Here).

We don’t recommend you install the Ubuntu 19.04 Beta on your main computer.Beta software may have stability issues or contain bugs.

Ubuntu 19.04 Release Date

Ubuntu 19.04 will be released on 18th April 2019. 

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