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Ubuntu 19.10 Release Date And Expected Features Explained

The development for Ubuntu 19.10 is towards its end and Canonical soon going to launch.
it’s time to look at what new features and improvement this new release brings to us.
Ubuntu 19.10 is important as it will carry a bunch of features we can expact in full version in next LTS (Long-Term-Support) Ubuntu 20.04
Complete official schedule of Ubuntu 19.10 release is as below

  • Feature Freeze: August 22, 2019
  • Beta Release: September 26, 2019
  • Final Freeze: October 10, 2019
  • Final Release: October 17, 2019

Coming to the main aspect the features you will get in ubuntu 19.10. before that let me clear one thing  “Ubuntu 19.10 is a short term release and it will be supported for nine months. Ubuntu 19.10 users will have to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 after that.”

Ubuntu 19.10 Features List :

# GNOME 3.34

As we know GNOME 3.34 has been released with both performance and visual improvements ,  Ubuntu 19.10 will come up with GNOME 3.34 with all it’s standard features.

# Faster boot with LZ4 compression

Ubuntu 19.10 will boot faster than its predecessors thanks to LZ4 compression algorithms.

# Good Amount of changes to the Night Light feature.

you can use Night Light  Feature even when the location services are turned off.

# Over the time, when you install plenty of software, the application menu gets cluttered. Like In Android and iOS , you can now group applications in a folder. But you cannot provide the folder a custom name.

# Dark and light theme

Dark mode now a day is trending feature every where , now ubuntu come up with Dark and light theme for our convenience.

# Python 3.7

# Improved default Yaru theme with support for Snap apps

# OpenJDK 11

# Golang 1.12

# Experimental ZFS support (promised)

# Official Name & Download

How can i forgot the official name of Ubuntu 19.10 , the name is Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine

You can download Ubuntu 19.10 fron here  ( * But only for Testing not for use as it is not officially launched and you might find some bugs and breaks in features)

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