Adjust your saddle with a smartphone

Saddle Adjust

Feeling a bit experimental with your saddle but you are afraid to try something new so you won’t mess up its current setting? Or you might have bought a new saddle for your bike, and don’t know how to adjust it to your old favorite position?

Saddle Adjust by is here to put all these problems in the past. It allows you to save all your favorite saddle positions and take pictures of them. 

Afterwards when you are feeling like reverting to some of these settings, you can just select one from the list and apply it, no need for any other equipment except your smartphone. Customizing your saddle has never been easier!

Download App on Play Store: and App Store

Once you have downloaded the app, just follow the steps that are set by the application in order to configure it. You should place your smartphone on the saddle, so that it can be adjusted in a millimeter way. You can’t get lost in the app’s menu because it is a minimalist app. It won’t take you more than 2 minutes to discover all the options available to you.

The application has it’s own presets depending on the type of bicycle we are going to ride, which helps us to start.

This app allows us to save different preset saddle settings once we get our perfect position.

Saddle Adjust is very useful if we share the same bicycle with someone, or if instead we are the ones who use more than one in our outings, for example a mountain bike and a road bike.

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