Mozilla Firefox Will Soon Block All Trackers by Default, starts in 2019

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has announced that Firefox will block all cross-site tracking, slow tracking scripts, and malicious miner and fingerprinting scripts by default in coming versions.

These new features will be rolled out over the coming months new initiatives.

Mozilla has always in strong favour of internet privacy & security.

Mozilla has web browser Firefox Focus, a simplified web browser that blocks all trackers , cookies and erases browsing data after you close the app. 

Now the company wants to go next step in the world of privacy, by blocking all tracking scripts by default on the Firefox web browser.

There are three parts to this strategy.

In version 63, which is currently in testing, Firefox will block all slow-loading trackers (trackers that take more than five seconds to load).

In Firefox 65, the browser will  strip cookies and block all storage access from third-party trackers.

Mozilla is also working on blocking crypto mining scripts.

The goals of these three initiatives (Timeline could change for this) is to protects a user’s privacy, block unwanted scripts, and to decrease page loading times when browsing the internet.

Most sites use analytics tools (like Google Analytics , Microsoft Analytic …etc) to determine what platforms , region , technology , browsers visitors are using.

If Firefox blocks these scripts by default, the sites will be clueless if Firefox users are visiting.

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