Redmi Note 5 Pro And Mi LED Smart TV 4 Price Increased By Xiaomi

Redmi NOte 5 Pro COst Increase

Xiaomi increased the price of their current best selling products Redmi NOte 5 Pro & Mi LED Smart TV 4.

Xiaomi announced the price increase of RS 1000 to Redmi Note 5 Pro, now the product costs Rs 14999 for 4 GB, 64 GB RAM.

Also, they have increased the cost best selling Smart TV by Rs 5000.

So now onwards the cost of the TV will be Rs 44,999.

Xiaomi gives the reason for the price increase.

Redmi NOte 5 Pro COst IncreaseMI LED SMART TV 4 Price Increase

They said the demand is big for these two products and for production they have to import some parts, and the because of the tax structure they are not able to give these products in the launched prices.

They have shared the news on social media platforms.

Redmi Note 5 Pro & MI Smart TV 4 is high in demand and users are not getting these products even in multiple tries and purchasing from offline in higher rates.

Let’s see how this will be impacted by the demand for these products.



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